About - Natalie Minh
Natalie Minh, MBA, MS Finance, is an Author, multimedia company owner (Natalie Minh Interactive), 3x European physique champion, photographer, fitness cover model, business consultant.
fitness model, fitness photographer, photographer, fitness cover model
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“I am not a fitness expert in the traditional sense… I’m simply a person with a passion for the lifestyle and desire to help other fitness lifestyle entrepreneurs reach a wider audience so that they impact more lives than they thought possible.”

-Natalie Minh
CEO, Natalie Minh Interactive and FMI Guild.

Entrepreneurs are the types of people who choose to work at something they never need to take a vacation from and they tend to bite off more than they can chew. That’s where Natalie Minh comes in.


Since 2008, this former investment banker has taken on some of the most difficult challenges, personally and professionally, in order to embrace challenge, and prove to herself, that if you have a dream, whatever it may be, it is ALWAYS possible.


Today, Natalie has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the globe realize their dreams through a creative, comprehensive, and personal plan of action. Her philosophy: you come up with the mission – together, we make it happen!


Natalie Minh’s journey is a multitude of passions synthesized into a single path: technology, business, finance, and fitness. Natalie leads two global, parallel organizations devoted to helping entrepreneurs organize their goals, and realize their dreams through a creative, comprehensive, and personal plan of action.


A technical and analytical person academically and professionally speaking, Natalie started her multi-faceted journey 18 years ago specializing in computer design/engineering for Tier 1 automotive companies in Detroit. After successfully managing software/hardware environments for 7 years, she decided to test her skills in the world of finance and transitioned to the Treasury world. Natalie cut her teeth in derivative portfolio management: hedging a $2B portfolio of foreign exchange cash flows and reducing global P&L volatility for a multinational organization.


Growing her Treasury skill set, in 2004 she became an investment banker for GMAC Bank, the world’s largest auto securitizer, working on deals with Fortune 500 conglomerates from Societe Generale to Morgan Stanley, and BNP Paribas, to name a few.


Always thirsty for a challenge, in 2006, Natalie accepted her next challenge; a 3-year expat assignment in Belgium to develop and execute structured finance strategies to free up US derived capital, and raising funds for the European auto markets.


From 2004 – 2010, she raised more than $10 billion in foreign capital during the toughest credit market since the Great Depression.


Regardless of the job or the goal, the common theme for all of Natalie’s endeavors is to find solutions and help break down a complex situations into manageable, defined steps of action. She knows how to get things done, and she knows the right people to help you get there, making her one of the most well respected names in her field.


Twelve years into establishing a strong foothold in both the technology and corporate finance verticals, Natalie desired to reach higher levels of personal development and to know first hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


With no security except her own dedication and confidence, she cut the golden handcuffs, packed her bags, and repatriated back to the United States, where she reinvented herself as a portrait photographer, specializing in fitness/commercial/fashion images. Applying the same discipline she had in her earlier positions, Natalie soon became one of the top of her market winning awards including the ‘2014-2016 Best of Los Angeles Photography’ and ‘2016 Best of Los Angeles Photography Hall of Fame’.


Armed with an MBA and a MS Finance, global work experience, and a spark ignited by philanthropic efforts in 3rd world countries, Natalie has evolved in her current title(s); award winning photographer, CEO of an educational 501c3 NPO, business/tech strategist, and internationally renowned expert in digital technology, media, and production with a specialized acclaim in the fitness world.


Through her vast range of experience across several diverse industries, Natalie recognized a problem so many entrepreneurs face: they have incredible ideas and concepts, but need help breaking them down to achievable actions for solutions.


Her remedy was to use her broad expertise in her wide scope of professions to create Natalie Minh Interactive (NMI), an agency dedicated to helping fitness entrepreneurs all over the globe take their skills and dreams and create long-term profitable businesses and careers of scale. While NMI has become a pioneer in the fitness, design, tech and marketing, interestingly, the same principles apply to businesses and entrepreneurs in every category.


To top it off, Natalie is also the CEO of the ground breaking and immensely successful fitness entity FMI Guild, which offers a variety of accredited seminars, events, online education and other unique opportunities within the industry, including the annual Fitness MBA Summit in Los Angeles each October.

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