Testimonials - Natalie Minh
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  • Despite 4 years of tireless work attempting to build my fitness brand, I was not generating any income. In fact, I was losing income. I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. Natalie Minh is superb and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who is interested in monetizing their fitness brand. She took me from zero to hero in less than a year. Since meeting Natalie Minh, she has helped me launch 7 e-Books, as well as a new website with a members’ section and monetized trainers. If I hadn’t met her, I never would have realized my dreams… and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars. Natalie Minh is my Fitness Fairy God Mother. Her dedication, knowledge, customer service and passion for going above and beyond is INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to embark on my next project with Natalie Minh! Natalie Minh is FLEEK!

    – Dr Sara Solomon

  • I know I have a lot of you are business owners, or fitness professionals, and may have resolutions for 2015 to grow your business. I thought I would let you know about a gal, @natalieminh, who I worked with a few months ago who really helped me out with my own personal branding, marketing, and monetization of my site. She does a lot of other people’s websites in the fitness industry (Ashley Horner, Dr. Sara Solomon, Sohee Lee, Sarah Vance, etc) . I reached out to her last year and she helped me so, so much. She has an entire team of people who can basically help with anything you need. For me, I am not a tech person at all – it’s kind of a language I don’t understand. They redesigned my entire website for me, designed both of my training ebooks, and did everything for getting the membership section set up on my site. Natalie has her MBA and is super sharp. I paid for a skype consult with her where she basically gave me her ideas on how she could help monetize my site and audience, and then if I decided to work with her that amount I paid her just went towards the cost of the services.

    Anyways, I was just thinking this morning about how much her team has helped me and wanted to pass along her name in case you are looking for something like this, I would most definitely recommend her to you. I thought her pricing was very reasonable and they did everything for me regarding having a seamless set-up on my website where people pay with paypal, the .pdf documents automatically get sent with the customer’s name timestamped on it, etc. Their designers were awesome and did everything exactly as I asked (Kathleen was my favorite developer on her team to work with). Anyways, I just wanted to pass it along and let you know I had a good experience with her. I don’t know Natalie outside of the work she did for me, but working with her really helped take my brand and business to the next level. The new site was exactly what I was hoping for and love it!

    – Natalie Hodson
    MRM Sponsored Athlete, Fitness Blogger and Mother of 2

  • After listening to a few web/dev presentations I decided to go with NMI. felt that Natalie and her teamrepresented the best option as they understood what I was trying to do. They grasped early on what I wanted my identity to be and how everything was going to funnel through the website. I liked how every person I dealt with walked me through the process, steps that I really didn’t know where necessary to make a website go. They took the time to explain what I needed to do and why. They let me be hands on during the development but they were never hands off. I most valued my ability to run my many creative ideas through them and as challenged as I might have been in explaining things, they made it happen.

    I see a website for a DTC brand as never being done. It is a work in motion. Much like a store, whether on-line or a brick and mortar, things change based on consumer trends, buying cycles and entrepreneurial visions. NMI has been right with me through not only the initial creative design, not only the launch but even now in helping me to make a great website even better. In closing, there are many options to have a site made. Having Natalie and her team who understand the consumer and understand the lifestyle is a huge plus that saves a tremendous amount of time and produces an optimal product.

    – Michael A. Carrubba
    Founder/CEO, Clinical Sports Labs

  • My first ever ‪#‎wcw‬, so you know it’s going to be good. @natalieminh is one of my favorite human beings (and not just because we share ‪#Vietnamese‬ heritage). In short, she is a fierce ‪entrepreneur‬, loyal ‪friend‬ and amazing ‪mother‬.

    I met her at my worst; trying to figure myself out after active duty and in recovery from hip surgery and just feeling a little blah. Something about her made me excited and I stayed in touch. An important thing we have in common is that we’ve made a point to not reply on others and always take care of ourselves. After my final surgery recovery I got back into race shape and we did an infamous ‪photoshoot‬. I read her book on ‪fitness‬ modeling, followed her advice, and landed my first choice agency. Where I tend to fall short, she excels with gusto, which makes our ‪friendship‬ so exciting to me; she makes me better by inspiring me with her ability to juggle it all, even the tech stuff. Her smile is infectious and whenever I spend time with her I am ‪‎energized‬, revitalized and filled with renewed ‪ambition‬. She is so damn smart and savvy, a powerhouse in the fitness industry, and an interactive genius. We can sit and bullshit and joke for hours and I am absolutely in love with her little happa. There is no one I trust more to build out my website to it’s interactive/optimized potential. She is just EVERYTHING. The whole package! MUAH‬ AND ‎THANK YOU‬ and lord help us all if we ever end up next-door neighbors!

    – Amanda Burrill
    Ironman Triathlete, Veteran Navy Rescue Swimmer, Sports/Fitness Model

  • This woman right here changed my life 5 years ago. When I was down about my autoimmune disease, I decided to take matters into my own hands and did the unbearable: I got a gym membership and I hired a trainer. I learned about eating healthier (which was difficult, because I was so used to eating 1 big ASIAN meal a day, with yummy brown sauces and fried rice), and I made it my mission to just be healthy first.

    After I lost about 20 lbs and regained my sanity back (and was medication-free) in 6 months, I Googled “Vietnamese Fitness” and up popped up @natalieminh. I was blown away. We are both the same age, and I thought she was the most beautiful and HEALTHY Asian person I had ever seen. Classy, sophisticated, and downright gorgeous. I idolized her not just because of her fitness goals, but of her business ethics and her professionalism as well in how she portrayed herself in social media.I competed in my first NPC competition in 2009 with the goal to simply wear a bikini in public; and I’ve mentioned this before: I’ll never wear one outside of being on stage.

    So, my #WCW goes out to this inspiring lady right here. Thank you for being such an amazing influence in my life. As creepy as it may sound,
    you have changed my life for the better.

    – Nana Tran @nanadaringgreatly

  • HOLY POOP jus got my gallery from my shoot w/the amazing @natalieminh had to look at em twice theyre GORGEOUS! my best photoshoot by far. U made me look so beautiful lookin at them actually brought a tear 2 my eye shooting w/u helped me overcome so many things. My shoot with the sweet Natalie Minh is proof that when u show someone u believe in~them that they can move mountains~she did that 4 me

    – Becca Marie

  • I loved shooting with u at @FMIEvents and hope to shoot with you again soon! Ur energy and beauty is so refreshing! Xoxo

    – Hillary Jones

  • You guys Natalie Minh is incredible. I have used her tips for about 6 months now and she has changed my life. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowlege with us

    – Sharon Polsky Wbff Pro

  • So excited!! Just got all the photos from shoot from @natalieminh!! They are so beautiful!! 🙂

    – Isabel Norton ‘The Latin Assassin”

  • All Hail Natalie Minh! She is AMAZING!!! We are absolutely thrilled at the caliber of Natalie’s work

    – JayAnhski Campbell

  • Natalieminh you are a genius!! Pics are amazing and now my next challenge is picking my faves!! So great to work with you!

    – Natalie Waples

  • If you love photography and fitness you should be following @natalieminh one of my favorite people in the industry!

    – Dr. Layne Norton, PhD

  • Last week I shot for Powertec. It was my first time working with photographer Nathalie Minh; she’s really good. I’m looking forward to more shoots together

    – Julien Greaux

  • Meet Natalie Minh, fitness model and professional photographer extraordinaire. You need to know this girl… she’s like Tyra Banks, she does it all!

    – Shawn Ray

  • I had the fortunate pleasure of seeing Natalie in action and the first thing I noticed was her infectious energy. The models she happened to be working with were all very novice and timid, but Natalie was able to make each one very comfortable immediately and therefor captured amazing images of which I’m using to promote my business. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over two decades and have worked with some of the best and I would have to put Natalie right up there with the rest of them for a variety of reasons.If I were to sum all of those up in one word it would have to be “professional”.

    I highly recommend Natalie’s services as a photographer and hang my reputation on her ability, not only to get things done, but get them done efficiently. I’m available to answer any further questions if necessary.

    – Clark Bartram

  • Don’t miss to shoot with one of the best photographers in the business. We proudly choose Natalie as our photographer.

    – Binais Begovic

  • Fashion Shot from last October with Natalie Minh. She has pushed me over the past two years to become a better model. Love working with her.

    – Robyn Baldwin

  • Natalie Minh is the bomb. com

    – Amber Elizabeth